About Comics has just announced a collection of Gail Simone’s HIGHlarious “You’ll All Be Sorry” columns, originally published on Comic Book Resources. The cover is by Scott Shaw! (left):

The entire comics community will rue the day they entertained Gail Simone when she unleashes You’ll All Be Sorry!, a collection of her hilarious prose pieces. Featuring a mixture of classic entries culled from her popular online column and brand new pieces, this About Comics paperback will delight Simone’s growing legion of fans.

Behind a Scott Shaw! cover, readers will find dozens of articles as Simone turns her sharp wit on Wizard, Watchmen, Whiteout, bad Batman fan fiction, and even the Internet itself. This was the work that launched her comics writing career, leading to her writing first for Bongo, then for Marvel and now DC, where she has gained acclaim for her runs on such books as Birds of Prey, Wonder Woman, and her original series Welcome to Tranquility.

In addition to the original pieces that Simone built her career on, the book features original articles, including the revelatory “How to Write Comics (with food and boobs) the Gail Simone Way!” Readers will also be invited to “Choose Your Own Crossover,” and Gail has also blackmailed a bunch of her pro friends into crafting an all new set of “Condensed Comics Classics”. Each piece is being freshly laid out to reflect the material being parodied, and many come with illustrations.

“People have been asking for this book for years,” explains Simone, “and I am grateful and delighted that it’s finally being published and put together with such care by the amazing Nat Gertler. All my favorite You’ll All Be Sorry columns are in there, along with some new material not available anywhere else. It’s definitely the publishing event of the century, if not of all time. This is the book that finally validates English as an actual language and humans as a species. Also, it makes fun of Batman; I suggest you purchase multiple copies immediately!”

You’ll All Be Sorry! (ISBN 978-0-9790750-5-6) is a 160-page comics-sized trade paperback, priced at $11.99 US, published by About Comics. The book will be solicited to the comics market in the June issue of Diamond Comic Distributors’s Previews catalog, and will also be available to the bookstore market through Diamond Book Distributors.

About Comics is a small publishing and packaging firm specializing in comics and comics-related materials. Their publishing line is diverse, including such highlights as the Panel One and Panel Two books of comic book scripts, collections of Charles M. Schulz cartoons, and anthologies of 24 hour comics. Their website www.AboutComics.com has more on their publishing line and packaging services.


  1. I used to read those columns over and over and over–my favorites were the Todd MacFarlane Spawn cartoon intros, The Wreck of the Marvel Fitzgerald, and “It burns when Thor pees!” The Batman and the New Outsiders fan fic was brilliant as well. Definitely picking this up.

  2. I remember really liking this column. I was disappointed to find that most of Simone’s comics consist of characters talking about their own and each others’ awesomeness.