So cute! From 10 years ago, a Cliff Chiang reinvention of the DCU via J-pop stylings.
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  1. J-pop stylings, hell. That’s an exact knockoff– actually, this is kind of awesome, so I’ll say “homage”– of Mitsuteru Yokoyama’s Tetsujin 28 and Giant Robo, which both ran in dubbed form in the US. This said, the specific pose the boy is in recalls Yasuhiro Imagawa’s later interpretation of Yokoyama’s work, Giant Robo: The Animation, is an influence.

    The main difference is in the lines of the robot. While the color pattern is Superman’s, the actual body styling is pretty clearly based on Go Nagai’s “Dynamic World” robots, particularly the long cylindrical legs and use of round joints at shoulders. I imagine they’re a lot easier to draw than Yokoyama’s chunkier designs. :D

    I rather like the design as far as Dynamic World homages go, although I find the head strange. It’s combining Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger’s famous “face grills” with… what honestly just looks like a simplified Gundam head. It’s very off for the aesthetic of things otherwise.

    Oh well, awesome find, thanks for sharing, etc.