You need to check out these SPOOKY NYCC 2019 Cosplay costumes

Which of these ghastly (but gorgeous) cosplays would you like to try?!


New York Comic Con always has fantastic cosplayers all weekend long. However, NYCC 2019 cosplay was singularly scary and incredible! Since it’s Halloween, the spookiest time of year, we figured you might like some inspiration to get you in the mood to trick or treat or party with your fellow ghouls and monsters. As such, check out this video roundup of  the freakiest costumes this year’s comic con had to offer. From Pickle Rick of Rick and Morty fame to Bowserella and the contractually obligated ocean of Deadpools, maybe you’ll find something here to inspire you for next Halloween?!

NYCC 2019 Cosplay Deadpools

And if the NYCC 2019 cosplay above doesn’t scratch the cosplay itch for you, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Throughout 2019, the Beat has been at multiple major conventions, chronicling the best Cosplays at each show. For example, check out the amazing Ursula, Starfire, and Samurai Prince from San Diego Comic-Con:

Want more? Well of course, we’ve got you covered. Check out Spider-Man, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain Marvel, and Rorschach from WonderCon 2019!

It’s been a fantastic year of cosplay. The countless fans and artisans who pour their hearts out into every outfit are an inspiration to us all here at the Beat. And we’re looking forward to spending even MORE time with cosplayers as we roll into 2020! In order to make sure you’re caught up, subscribe to the Beat on YouTube! We’re just getting started.