Img 2737We also ran into Craig Yoe at the National, and he showed us a mockup of his upcoming book, Clean Cartoonists’s Dirty Drawings, and it was an eye-opener and no mistake. What was Ernie Bushmiller’s obsession with dogs sniffing each other’s butts? And man, did Carl Barks draw sexy girls. Anyway, Yoe is still looking for contributions, and we’ll steal his request from the TCJ board:

I am in the last stretch to finish my book “Clean Cartoonist’s Dirty Drawings” for Last Gasp Publishing. Last Gasp has just approved additional pages so I’m calling for more art by the artists I already have represented and especially welcome other artists whose work I may not have uncovered. The concept is to showcase sexy art by cartoonists who’s primary work was mainstream/wholesome.

The book will have rare slightly risque to decidedly raunchy art by Jack Kirby, Joe Shuster, Bob Kane, Charles Schulz, Dr. Suess, Mort Walker, Steve Ditko, Milton Caniff, Dan DeCarlo, Dave Berg, Hal Foster, Stan and Jan Bernstain, Rube Goldberg, Otto Soglow, Alex Raymond, Virgil Partch, Carl Barks, Ernie Bushmiller, etc. Some of the artists I would particuarly like help on are Matt Baker, Freddy Moore (and other animators), Dr. Suess, Al Williamson, Carl Barks, Kurt Schaffenberger and also more contemporary comic strip and comic book artists as I’m not so well versed on the recent schtuff. I need “men’s gag cartoons”, sketches, specialty artwork, etc. Black and white and color are welcome.

I need 300 dpi scans and will give a copies of the book and prominent credit in the same for your help. Please write first to tell me what you have, I’m open to any and all ideas. Thanks very much!

If you can help Yoe with this sterling project, contact him via his website.