The National, a comics show here in NYC, was like it always was: a very very old school show that includes low ceilings and lots of long boxes. Val Kilmer felt poorly and went home early so we didn’t get to get a picture with him. We ran into Richard Howell and chatted with him about Claypool Comics impending move to a webcomic model. DEADBEATS, which Howell writes and draws will be the only title actually making the move, but he expects to put out collections of the comic from time to time. He’s looking forwrad to the change, but also admitted that he isn’t quite in sync with today’s instant-access business model. “I remember when you got to look forward to things,” he said. “The Fantastic Four came out once a month!”

We snapped a couple of pics, too.

Img 2735
Legendary cartoonist Shary Flenniken, whose “Trots and Bonnie” was a highlight of NATIONAL LAMPOON. She’s still busy writing a novel and pursuing other projects.

Img 2733
Two people we never get to spend enough time with: Cully Hamner and Steve Leialoha. Steve hadn’t been to New York in 20 years!

Img 2745
Later on, we caught the end of the “Saturday Morning Cartoons” opening at MoCCA.


  1. I remember “Trots and Bonnieâ€?. Has it never been collected? (If not, someone should mention it to Fantagraphics.)

  2. You know how much you would have wanted to see Lily Renee again? That’s how much I would have wanted to meet Shary Flenniken. Ah well, I knew I wouldn’t be able to do everything this past weekend…

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