The formatting on the DC numbers is screwed up in Explorer.

First off…


Next, I’m trying to fix it, but I’ve left the safety of SBM, so I might not be able to in a timely manner. We’re working on a fix however.

Fixed — I think. If it looks bad let me know.

But you should still stay the hell away from Exploiter!


  1. hey, Shawn, i was just saying, i mean, my main browser is Flock (half firefox code)

    But there is no sacrilege in using more than one browser.. i use 3.

  2. I have both MFirefox 2 and IE7. Interestingly, the right panel and white background didnt load on MF2, but did in IE7. You might want to look in that.

  3. I’m on Firefox 1.5, and the white background to your posts isn’t displaying now. This is a new thing, it always used to show.