Yesterday Marvel announced that, beginning today, readers will have the opportunity to help choose one of the new members of the X-Men. While the eligible citizens of Krakoa get to shaking hands and kissing babies and/or eggs, Marvel is inviting their readers to get in on the electioneering with a new series of campaign posters for the X…er, 10 eligible candidates for membership. In addition, once you’ve registered your votes (securely, and certainly with no Genoshan interference), you can proudly display an “I Voted” card featuring in support of your chosen candidate.

Marvel’s Krakoan eleXion is just the latest eXample of comics inviting readers into the storytelling and decision-making process. The most famous — and infamous — example would have to be 1988’s A Death in the Family storyline, in which readers voted via a 1-900 number on whether Robin Jason Todd would live or die, a decision that came down to just a 72-vote difference.

More recently, in 2019, AHOY Comics released the Steel Cage one-shot, which featured a trio of ‘pilot’ stories that readers could then vote on to become their own series. After a period of online voting, the publisher revealed during their SDCC panel that the votes appeared to have been hacked, and that all three stories would receive series orders; the investigation, as of last year, is still ongoing. Hopefully nothing so dramatic happens with this week’s X-Vote; while voting is said to be limited to one time per person, X-fans are a notoriously rowdy and…eccentric bunch, so Marvel had better have some good safeguards in place to prohibit any shenanigans.

Check out the campaign posters and “I Voted” cards for each character below. Voting on which of them should join the X-Men is open now, and will run through 11:59 PM Eastern on Tuesday, February 2nd. The winner will be revealed during the upcoming Hellfire Gala in June.


Polaris X-Men Vote Poster


Banshee X-Men Vote Poster


Forge X-Men Vote Poster


Boom-Boom X-Men Vote Poster


Tempo X-Men Vote Poster


Cannonball X-Men Vote Poster


Sunspot X-Men Vote Poster

Strong Guy


Marrow X-Men Vote Poster


Armor X-Men Vote Poster