Bryan Singer keeps on popping out new mutants for his latest X-Men opus, after roping in a new Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Nightcrawler, Jubilee and Archangel; he’s now found another one to add to the ranks as Olivia Munn (The Newsroom) will be playing Psylocke.


This is sure to be a pick to get a number of folks excited as Munn was often a fan casting choice for superhero roles (I always thought she would make a great Wonder Woman). She’d technically be the second Psylocke to appear on the big screen, as the character appeared as a minor villain in X-Men: The Last Stand for some inexplicable reason (played by Meiling Melançon).

One has to assume that all of the more complicated elements of her character will likely be tossed aside. The important stuff: she was created by Chris Claremont and Herb Trimpe in Captain Britain and eventually became a 90’s X-Men icon (along with Gambit, Jubilee, and the like) after she was redesigned by Claremont and Jim Lee (and also took over the body of a ninja).

X-Men: Apocalypse opens on May 27, 2016, in a year that is looking like *THE* big one for superhero films given that it comes on the heels of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in March, and Captain America: Civil War that same month.



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