It’s only been a day since the latest episode of X-Men ’97 was released and the internet is still buzzing about it. I’ll refrain from any major explosive spoilers for those few who have yet to see it. As seen in a preview, some of the X-Men take a trip to the mutant nation of Genosha which has become part of the United Nations. There they encounter the council of Genosha which includes he council includes Banshee, Moira MacTaggert, Callisto, as well as Hellfire Club members Emma Frost and Sebastian Shaw. 

In the original X-Men: The Animated Series, the character of Sebastian Shaw appeared the show’s third season voiced by David Bryant. While some of the original voice actors have been able to reprise their roles or return to voice other characters, some have not due to various reasons. Such is the case with Shaw who according to the episode’s end credits is voiced by Todd Haberkorn who also took over the role of Henry Peter Gyrich in the first episode of X-Men ’97.   

Sebastian ShawAs talented as Haberkorn is as a voice performer, many fans were quite perplexed when they saw his name credited for the character. Moreover, most assumed that Shaw was voiced by Travis Willingham, perhaps best known for his work on the Critical Role franchise. In fact, Willingham seemingly confirmed he voiced the character on a social media post. The prolific actor who is stranger to animated Marvel projects or the X-Men. He previously voiced Jason Wyngarde a.k.a. Mastermind, who incidentally was part of the Hellfire Club like Shaw, in Marvel Anime: X-Men.  

As to the miscredit in the voice cast, as the saying goes pobody’s nerfect. Honest mistakes happen from time to time. Assuming Travis Willingham is indeed the voice of Sebastian Shaw, hopefully the end credits will be corrected on Disney+ soon enough.