Everyone is too braindead from SD to be putting out Wizard World Chicago PR, but a few brave souls are doing their jobs, including Desperado, which will be there with “a host of writers and artists and showcasing some of the upcoming projects.”

As Official Guests of the convention:
Bob Burden (Flaming Carrot)
Keith Giffen (Common Foe, Brother Bedlam)
Ron Marz (Russian Sunset)
Paul Jenkins (Paul Jenkins’ Sidekick)

As Guests in Artists Alley:
Phil Hester (Oversight, Nameless) #3002
Bo Hampton (Book of Shadows) #4002A
Gary Reed (Deadworld, Red Diaries) #3085
Chris Moreno (Paul Jenkin’s Sidekick) #3110
Christopher Jones (Red Diaries) #3178
Chris Dreier (Untouchables) #3216B

Some of the new projects that fans can be expected to see or discuss with their favorite Desprado creators inlcude Ron Marz’s Russian Sunset, Keith Giffen’s Tabula Rasa, Gary Reed’s Doctor Syn and Renfield, Chris Dreir’s Untouchables, and more.