Tokyopop launched their new manga lifestyle site during San Diego, and we haven’t really had a chance to explore it too much, but it seems to have a decent amount of content. We were plesantly shocked, however, to see that the site is covering other manga companies, including this rather decent report on “Viz at the San Diego Comic Con”:

As for Watsuki, he answered a wide range of questions. He talked about his inspirations and what made his decision to become a manga creator easier, such as a childhood appreciation of Doraemon and his apprenticeship with the manga creator Takeshi Obata, best known in the US for his work on the title Death Note. When pressed for his favorite character, besides the obvious selection of Kenshin himself, Shishio was a close second. People kept on wanting to talk about the anime, especially Watsuki’s involvement in it, not only of the Rurouni Kenshin series but the one of his most recent series Buso Renkin that has yet to be shown on Japanese television. They did have a clip of it there and showed it. Regarding his involvement with the anime, he checks the scripts and the character designs, and is involved with the selection of the voice actors.

Tokyopop reporting on Viz? Cats and dog living together!


  1. Actually, I wrote the feature. I intially got my SDCC press pass as the manga columnist for CBG, but then I got the TokyoPop gig, writing as one of their new columnists, and covered AX/SDCC for them. My big question as I came onboard was whether or not we would cover other companies, and I reassured when I was told yes. If the new TokyoPop site will succeed as a community portal, it will succeed if it embraces the whole community, not just the bits that TokyoPop has a financial stake in.

    Watsuki is news, period. So he gets covered. The second half of the article will cover Koike who is being published through Dark Horse and Tatsumi who is being published through D&Q, because they are news also.

  2. Absolutely, Bill. Big ups to Tpop for the strong content. I look forward to getting time to really explore the rest of the site!