Long before OWS there was WORLD WAR 3, the long running counterculture comics anthology put together by a rotating cast of politically aware cartoonists who lived on the LES back when it was Alphabet City and not a trust fund preserve. The next issue is out next month and takes on the spirit of protest being seen around the world, from Tahrir Square to Madison, WI.

The issue includes work by Egyptian cartoonist Magdy El Shafee, whose work was previously banned in Egypt.


Contributor Sandy Jimenez has a preview of his story here (and above.). The entire issue can be pre-ordered via Top Shelf.


Edited by Seth Tobocman, Ethan Heitner and Jordan Worley

Nothing gives us more hope than the uprisings we see taking place around the world. We see the spirit of rebellion spreading from Tunisia to Cairo to Libya to Wisconsin. These events remind us that human rights should be universal. We are elevated and humbled by this vision. We are reassured that all human beings want the same things; peace, prosperity, freedom of expression and self-governance. In a word TAHRIR (LIBERATION).

In Cairo’s Midan Tahrir, Liberation Square, Egyptians did not go home after the protest. They did not settle for promises of reform. They took over the center of their city and started building the society they wanted. In the end the reality of liberation overwhelmed the old regime. Their victory has aroused a new spirit of revolt.

WORLD WAR 3 ILLUSTRATED #42 is dedicated to the possibilities for liberation around the world and here in the U.S.

This issue will feature artwork by the new generation of Arab cartoonists, including new work by Magdy El Shafee, making his U.S. debut. His graphic novel Metro, banned by the old Egyptian regime, will be published by MacMillan in 2012.

We are also proud to present work from artists present at the massive protests in Madison, Wisconsin, including Mike Konopacki, Nick Thorkelson, Paul Buhle and Sue Simensky.

Other artists in the issue include Eric Drooker, Peter Kuper, Sabrina Jones, Jordan Worley, Seth Tobocman, Ahmad Nady, Malik Sajad, Mazen Kerbaj, Tayseer Barakat, Ethan Heitner, Edd Baldry, and many others. — A 144-Page Softcover, Perfect-Bound Anthology, 7” x 9” published by WW3 and distributed by Top Shelf.