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Do we have your attention NOW, sucka?

12 Sakuya AoiApparently, a pageant with representatives from nine countries was just held in Nagoya, Japan. Entrants had already won pageants in their home countries after a grueling series of showdowns. This was no poncing around in costumes — this was talented role players in peak condition working to perfect their craft and take it to the highest levels of international competition. Like the Olympics. Only with Gundam Wing.

The winners, according to Anime News Network were a Brazilian brother/sister duo, shown above.

Mônica and Maurício Somenzari Leite Olivas are the winners of World Cosplay Summit 2006. The duo dressed as Rosiel and Alexiel from Angel Sanctuary. “Their presentation was good and impressed us all,” said jury member Go Nagai.

A little digging around the website reveals that with Miss Universe reduced to an atavistic, chauvinistic cable program, THIS is the event which should become the great human competition of the new era. Men and women, boys and girls. And there is…heartbreak.

We apologize to all who were looking forward to meeting the representatives from the USA this year as had been scheduled. Due to a regrettable mix up in the planning towards the US representative’s preliminary contest for “World Cosplay Summit 2006�? there was no other option but to postpone participation for this year.

Quick! Someone make a movie! This is the real thing.
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  1. Wowsers! I had no idea that this event even existed. I’m super impressed even if it is a bit of an effeminate, sissy-like event, I’m man enough to admit that I like what I see. OK, I think the girls look kewl, the guys well, they look like they’re those girls’ bitches.

    Comic book conventions should have a costume pagent as well and and costume performance event as well. I can see it now. Marvel’s Civil War: The Musical. “My name is Peter. I crawl on walls on the second floor. I wear tights, yes, I think you’ve seen me before. If you hear something late at night, some kind of laughing goblin, some kind of fight, just don’t ask me what it was. Just don’t ask me, what it was.”

  2. We’ve definitely got some US cosplayers who could stand out at this. I always see one or two at any con who are miles ahead of the rest.

  3. There was a HUGE mix-up last year in regards to the Cosplay Summit. You should have seen the American team that was originally going to participate in the summit (not the ones who went). Their Rose of Versailles costumes were the most gorgeous things I have ever seen in my life. If you compare the RoV American costumes to the costumes of the 2nd place Japanese team, you will see a CLEAR difference in costume quality and performance.