Speaking of cosplay, indispensable Anime News Network recounts an amusing anecdote from Otakon, where the convention center borders the Camden Yards baseball park, with sometimes jarring results:

During YES Network’s coverage of Sunday’s Orioles/Yankees baseball game at Camden Yards (across the street from the Baltimore Convention Center), the announcers discussed Otakon cosplayers. They were perplexed by the cosplay until a member of their production staff explained that there was an animation convention just outside the stadium. Following at least one of the baseball games, numerous baseball fans were heckling cosplayers at the convention center.


  1. i happened to be watching this game and heard these comments also. it was kind of funny to listen to michael kay and paul oneil talk about it on air because they were totally confused as to why they saw people dressed up in costumes out side the stadium. It took them a few minutes of deep thought to comprehend what they were seeing and after the assistant explained it they still didn’t seem to understand. I’m a big yankee fan and i thought it was a funny way of seeing two worlds colide.

  2. I would like to start a non-profit organization for nerds with no one to turn to when they are mocked and humiliated for the amusement of their tormentors. I’m thinking about calling it “Norms for Nerds”, that being, Norms = normal everyday folk who, though not as highly intelligent or well versed in pop-culture as nerds are, could take time out of their schedule to volunteer as role models to those who could use a confidence boost.

    Would you say this is a good idea?