IDW held a conversation about their Artist Edition deluxe books. Scott Dunbier and Greg Goldstein went over their upcoming preservations of classic work by legendary creators like Jack Kirby and Don Rosa.

Things started with the Kirby’s Mister Miracle Artist Edition that’s available at the IDW booth. The over-sized collection looks gorgeous, with all the original pages in the dimensions the artist drew them in makes this book huge.


EC Comics will see a lot of their originals getting the treatment. Stories like Air Burst by Harvey Kurtzman. These are on the more difficult end to complete with so many pages in the tombs of collectors or out of reach overseas.


Jim Steranko’s work will get a second volume featuring his Nick Fury and Captain America stories. It will have different dimensions from the previous book since during this time the artist used a different process to draw the book, expect it to be around the 17×20 range. No release date has been announced because Steranko is still working on perfecting them; in Scott Dunbier’s words: “we’re on Jim time”.


Another Jack Kirby collection will get this deluxe treatment, Kamandi is coming to Artist Edition. A spread was show from the first two pages. The book will come out in May.


One of the more modern books to get an Artist Edition will be Eric Powell’s The Goon featuring the Chinatown series. It’s on the way soon, like SDCC soon.


The Daredevil artist edition will collect a few Frank Miller stories from his legendary run on the book. Among them will be the introduction and death of Elekrta. One of the more rare things about this book will be the inclusion of the issue inked by Terry Austin.


One of the quirkier choices for an Artist Edition is the inclusion of Don Rosa’s “The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck”.  Don had a few ideas for the book, most important to him though was inserting “The” in front of the title because it was something that had always bothered him. This 14×20 dimensioned collection will also have the lettering digitally scanned and placed in the book, which was of course not placed on the original pages used to make the book.


Artist Mike Zeck will have various Marvel stories like his Kraven/ Spider-Man tale, Secret Wars, and various Marvel covers collected in an edition called “Mike Zeck’s Classic Marvel Stories.” The book will also have a convention variant. In addition the book will also be what’s called a “remarked edition.”


Other upcoming works slated for these collectors books include Graham Ingles EC Comics work and Joe Kubert’s “Return of Tarzan” which will release in October.



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