• I regret to inform the dozens of people who were looking forward to my being there, that I won’t be at WonderCon after all. Some travel stuff and other factors made it unfeasible. I’m sad I won’t be seeing everyone, but not as sad that I won’t be complaining about the line at Starbucks every morning.

For those who are going, please take notes!

• I will be at the Center for Cartoon Studies for THE FIRST TIME EVER this Thursday for Industry Day, if all goes well.


• Beside CCS, I am going to the dentist today, because I have a “situation” which is teetering on the edge of something…bad. So of course I read this.

The exciting news in all this is that Gabrielle Bell has a Tumblr now!


  1. I, for one am happy that they’re moving this back to San Francisco next year. Don’t get me wrong – it’s convenient having the convention ALMOST in my backyard – but I don’t like robbing a city of it’s landmark comic book convention. Last year, I bitched and whined about the traffic- this year I found out that LA Metro has a bus that goes directly to Disneyland and the last one leaves past midnight- so I’m taking advantage of that itinerary.

    The CCI committee should occasionally hold something at Anaheim every year or so – just don’t call it Wonder Con.



  2. When/where has CCI said that WonderCon is moving back to SF next year? They’ve been very vocal about wanting to keep the show in SF but they’ve also been just as vocal that the Moscone doesn’t allow them the leisure of locking in dates early enough.

  3. When I was calling someone at CCI last week to change the name of my guest pass – relayed to me that to tell my cancelled guest (who’s from San Francisco) that next year she won’t have to travel too far to come to the next one.

    So I kinda took that as a hint.



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