Bob’s Burgers’ Louise Belcher (via wsj.com)

If large crowds and enthusiastic cosplayers at Wondercon are any indication, Fox TV’s Bob’s Burgers is definitely gaining in popularity. With two years in a row of Emmy nominations in the Best Animated Series category and past episodes currently airing in syndication on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim block, after four seasons and a fifth in the works, Bob and the rest of the Belcher clan are cultivating a devoted and loyal fan base.

For those unfamiliar, Bob’s Burgers centers around the titular small diner staffed by Bob Belcher, his wife Linda and their three weird kids, Louise, Tina and Gene. The writing is always hilarious, often subversive, and kind of unexpectedly heartwarming. The Beat had the pleasure of getting a brief sitdown with show creator, Loren Bouchard and voice actors Kristen Schall (Louise Belcher), Dan Mintz (Tina Belcher), and John Roberts (Linda Belcher) before their standing room only panel Saturday evening at at Wondercon.

Bob’s Burgers Wondercon cast selfie (including John Roberts, Dan Mintz, Kristen Schall, and creator, Loren Brouchard) via Kristen Schall’s Twitter

As anyone who tuned into last night’s episode, Ambergris, probably knows, the episode introduced a new character, the nare do well brother of the Belcher’s eccentric landlord, Mr. Fishodor (guest-voiced by comedian and actor, Zach Galifinakis). Bouchard told us the character will be around “doing some extra landlording” for a three episode arc that will culminate in this season’s finale. Bouchard also shared that next season will open with a musical episode centering around young Gene Belcher’s musical aspirations. He said that, “over the course (of the episode) you end up watching Diehard: The Musical and Working Girl: The Musical.”

Although, according to Bouchard and crew, Fox currently has no merchandising plans in the works, they frequently receive handmade gifts from fans. When informed that there were a lot of convention goers wearing homemade replicas of Louise’s trademark bunny-eared hat at the show ,Schall, said, “Oh, nice!” and told us that she is the proud owner of a few fan-made hats. They are, however, releasing an album featuring music from the show later this year on iTunes from 20th Century Fox.

Tina and Louise Belcher cosplayers at Wondercon

There’s also a new five issue comic series from Dynamite (reported at last year’s Comic Con) that’ll hopefully be out later this year. Time seems to be an issue though, as Bouchard (presumably along with members of his writing team from the animated series) will also be writing the comic. “You know, it’s funny,” he says, “Adventure Time interests me but I’ve only seen the comic, I haven’t seen he show. But I have kids now and we were reading the comic book together and it’s actually had a big effect on me. I love the way it’s put together.” He added that the comics will not “not necessarily be a long narrative” and that “each character kind of has their own section.”

With lots more Belcher fun on the way and with all the other tidbits fans of Bob’s Burgers are eating up, it sounds like the comics will go down nicely too.

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