Friday night, the House of Blues played host to Club Cosplay; the “Nerds’ Night-Club.” Also hailing themselves as the “Un-Official WonderCon After Party,” this all-ages event was just about every nerd’s dream.

Strobing lights, top-notch cosplay performances, a dance party featuring a fantastic DJ and pumped up break dancers, live bands, and even an actual wedding where the entire wedding party was dressed in cosplay were some of the highlights from the night.

Club Cosplay had been the go-to party for cosplayers, nerds, and party enthusiasts alike, but like many similar cosplay themed shows, it eventually ceased to be; until last night that is. Now, fifteen months since what was their last full show, Club Cosplay came back with what they referred to as, “a fresh face on the club you all know and love, returning to our roots as the epic-club.”

Many attendees were saying that Matt Dunford’s rendition of Weird Al Yankovic’s Amish Paradise was what brought down the house. Matt Dunford is a notable figure in both the comic and cosplay community, as well as was one of last night’s Club Cosplay hosts. I particularly enjoyed the first cosplay performance of the evening by Jonathan Vega, who Rickrolled the crowd and made us enjoy it all the while.

Cosplayer Johnathan Vega performing to Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”

Reportedly, last night’s show was the ultimate test in whether there would be future Club Cosplays. Because of it’s success, things look to be in the positive. Let’s hope this signifies a complete comeback for them. Check out their website,, for more info.