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DC Entertainment leads Diamond 2018 Gem Award Winners

HEROES IN CRISIS #1 and ACTION COMICS #1000 were among the best of the previous year's companies and products as voted on by retailers.

SDCC ’18: Hasbro Toy Breakfast Rolling Out with Star Wars, Transformers,...

Early in the morning of every first official day of San Diego Comic-Con, the Hasbro Toy Company delights the press with a promise of food and toys. This year, they delivered a veritable buffet of both; so much so that I didn’t know exactly where to start.

SDCC ’18: DC Collectibles Panel Shows Off Rick Baker’s Joker and...

Even before the start of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con Preview Night, DC Collectibles released a startling amount of information regarding their upcoming statue and figure lines. So, when it came around to the next day’s DC Collectibles panel attended by moderator Paul Malmont, Art Director Travis Hastback, artist Joe Ledbetter, artist Chrissie Zullo, Executive Creative Director Jim Fletcher, Special Makeup Effects Artist Rick Baker, and sculptor Paul Harding, much of the information they discussed was more of a reiteration from the day prior.

SDCC ’18: Con-Attendees Say at Annual Talk Back Panel “Best Comic-Con...

“Seeing as we always run over every year, let’s get started,” said Rogers after his customary introduction and reminder of one topic of discussion per-person since there is always a large line. It was almost comical when the first person at the microphone responded to Rogers’ request of one item per-person, “That said, I have a list of ten questions.” A mixture of laughter and groans throughout the crowded responded.

DC Collectible’s New Artists Alley Designer Vinyl Figures Have Hit Store...

The first wave in the line features the iconic trio in various different forms: Standard Edition (limited to 3,000 units); Black and White Variants (limited to 500 units); Zombie Variants (limited to 1,000 units and exclusive to Hot Topic); Villain Variants (limited to 1,000 units and exclusive to Gamestop); Glow in the Dark Variants (limited to 1,000 units and exclusive to Box Lunch); and the San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives that come in Classic Variant (limited to 1,500), Flashpoint Variant (limited to 750), and Black and Gold Variant (limited to 300), all of which are exclusive to the Entertainment Earth booth #2342. Each figure, save for the Comic-Con exclusives, will retail for $40. Entertain Earth’s Classic Variant will go for $60, their Flashpoint Variant for $75, and their Black and Gold Variant for $100. DC Collectibles was gracious enough to send us the Hot Topic exclusive Zombie Variants.

Dell and Alienware looking to draw more console gamers to PC

Dell isn’t content on just supplying gear to strict PC gamers. They also hope to also lure that of seasoned console gamers to the world of PC. “The overlap between console ownership and PC ownership is increasing, and I think, and we think, as a company this is the perfect feature set and price point for someone who’s looking to buy their first gaming PC,” said the rep referring to Dell’s line of PC gaming machines called the Dell G3, G5, and G7 come in.

Volante Design; The Clothing Company Making Streetwear for Gamers and Nerds

Their unique look isn’t the only reason why Volante pieces sell. They are made to be durable and able to withstand the daily rigors of wear and tear. As Willow herself put it, Volante Design’s goal is to “make practical, wearable clothing that makes you feel badass.

E3 2018: Saber Interactive’s “World War Z”; Potential Best Co-Op Zombie-Fighter?

As a four-player co-op similar to the likes of the Left 4 Dead franchise, each player will take the helm of one of four characters: a hacker, a firefighter, an ex-gang member, and a utility worker. Unfortunately, these characters will not have any special skills revolving around their individual experiences.

E3 2018: Hands on with Nintendo’s “Let’s Go Pikachu” and “Eevee”

Encountering pokemon in the wild has gotten a major change from all the titles in the past. Now, wild pokemon will be visibly milling about as you travel through tall grass, forested areas, and caves. This gives players the option of avoiding battles entirely. This also helps out when looking for a particular pokemon, saving all the time and energy usually wasted on random chance encounters.

E3 2018: Demo Review of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

One area that didn’t get too much attention during the Nintendo Direct were the subject of stages. So far, we know every stage will come with a battlefield and omega form, and from footage shown we know that some old favorites like “Princess Peach’s Castle” and “Tortimer Island” will be making a return. After playing the game, I found that there are more past stages making a return, such as my personal Nintendo 64 favorite, Saffron City.

E3 2018: Star Wars Battlefront II to Include Clone Wars and...

These announcements came after Brännvall acknowledged last year’s loot box controversy, which prompted a large overhaul of the progression system. As the Design Director said himself, “Clearly, we didn’t get it quite right.”

SD Comic Fest ’18: Karen Berger and Steve Leialoha Reminisce Over...

Looking back, Berger could see how the idea was very much in Shelley Bond’s and Vertigo’s interests. “The thing about Grimm Fairytales, the real fairytales, are that they are frick’n scary and bloody,” she said. “There is something domesticated about them nowadays… And I think most people today have their ideas of fairytales because of Disney.”