Marvel continue to roll out announcements today, with the news that Sam Humphries and Paco Medina will be the creative team for an ongoing Star Lord series. Following the exploits of the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy (and star of the upcoming movie), the series will see him fighting the good fight off – and, it looks, on – Earth.


The series is pitched as being about Star Lord as a solo hero, rather than as a member of the GOTG – the announcement comes with a brief description of issue #1, in which he’ll be fighting various alien foes and attempting to save an orphanage from destruction. You know – heroic stuff.  More details are currently being announced at Wonder Con right now, although it’s made clear that Kitty Pryde will be a member of the supporting cast – having finally ditched Iceman, thank goodness, it looks like she’s set her sights a little higher…

The series is set to start in July. The above cover is by Steve McNiven.


  1. It didn’t take long for them to redo Star Lord again so now he looks like the movie version. I suppose they’ll have to trim Groot so he looks like the movie version as well.

    They’ve been hinting at Kitty + Star Lord in the All New X-Men book.

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