Dear lord.

It all happens this Thursday. That’s one small step for a woman…



  1. maybe it’s me, but the “big bang theory” really seems to be falling behind in terms of the status of men and women and their relationship with “nerd culture”. today all one has to do is go to any medium to large sized convention to see the diverse make-up of people that attend these shows. not everybody (hell, almost no one these days) fits the stereotype of what a lover of “nerd culture” is supposed to look like, sound like, act like, smell like, and the large amounts of women that now attend these shows (and their local comic shops) has put all the old conventional wisdom about “nerd culture” to rest. but yet “big bang” keeps throwing out stereotype after stereotype. it’s like their stuck in 1985. ( and even then most guys didn’t fit the nerd stereotype, but there were far less women going to shows and comic shops, thank god that’s changed!!).

  2. This episode looks hilarious; I can’t wait to see it. I probably won’t be able to watch it live because I work evenings at DISH, but my DVR will save it. I have the DISH Hopper, which is already set to auto-record Big Bang Theory along with the other primetime shows on the four major networks using PrimeTime Anytime, so I won’t have to worry about missing the episode even if I forget to set a timer.

  3. I was hoping for a little more commentary on this than “dear lord” but it gets the sentiment.

    We’ve spent so much time as a community debating the fake fan girl this fall that we’ve neglected how we’re being portrayed in the dominant media. Comic Book Men and Big Bang Theory are not helping to push positive images of women or men.

    My audience at Zeus is diverse and we’ve put that out there the Variants. We should spend more time supporting the stores, shows, creators, comics etc that represent us and not ass-backwards negative stereotypes.

  4. Talk about low hanging fruit.
    Put a clip of a TV show on a site and all the haters of that show can’t wait to piss and moan and bitch about a TV show they don’t like or watch.
    Really folks. You’ve got nothing else to do put comments on things you don’t like?
    “Forget it Jake. It’s the Internet.”

  5. It’s a fun show but I will wait until I see the episode before I comment on it. While it’s true there are a lot of great shops out there who have a real blend of demographics, it’s also sadly true there are stores that fit the stereotype. For me-I know guys who are just like the characters on the show. For those who dont like it, you now have over one hundred channels to choose from with thousands of hours of programming(Honey Boo Boo anyone?). And you have the web…

  6. I like the show, myself. It plays with all the stereotypes, comic shops included. Okay, I don’t find Amy funny at all. But the rest is fun.

  7. Serhend Sirkecioglu and Charles Skaggs…I completely agree.

    I’ve actually tried *so hard* to like this show. I’ve watched several episodes. And every time I did, instead of liking it, I was left sitting there baffled at the number of people who find it funny. It felt blatantly pandering, and vaguely insulting, but never funny.

    But Community on the other hand…keep the dream alive.

  8. @richard j. marcej: don’t know if you were referring to my comment among the “haters”, but just for the record, i have watched the show for the past three seasons and watched the first two seasons on reruns. i actually enjoy the show, find the characters interesting (i don’t feel the addition of women to the cast has ruined the show, tho’ i agree with AL that the amy character could be written better), and for the most part find their commentary of “nerd culture” humorous. but when it comes to the folks that appreicate “nerd culture” the show does have a tendency to make fun of that crowd with the very characters that are the stereotypes of nerds. what i would like to see in this show is maybe have the characters start to slowly but surely reflect the folks that make up “nerd culture” today instead of nerd culture of yesterday (tho’ to be honest they do kinda show that with the leonard character, who gets more women than jack tripper).

  9. @abc No. I wasn’t referring to you specifically. I was responding to something I see SO much on the internet, where people who hate or don’t like something seemingly go out of the way to take the time and energy to write some vitriolic comment about how such and such sucks or should never be seen by anyone, etc…
    I can never understand this supposed need by people , to “proudly” let anyone who’s unfortunate enough to read their comment about how much they hate something.
    When I see subjects on the net that I don’t like or care for, I just don’t bother reading or commenting on it. Why would I waste my time?

  10. Ugh. I am sick of this bullshit sterotype. I guess there are shitty skeezy comic shops that might scare away women. Yet the same cold be said of any retail outlet. You might as well assume women don’t go to record stores or movie stores.. if those still exist. Or.. even better.. say women don’t go on the internet and only nerdy guys fo on websites.

    Just more lazy lazy bigoted writing from the shitty writers of BBT. I think the ‘nerd minstrel show’ comparison is kinda weak.. as minstrel shows are a deeper social problem. Though considering many nerds are bullied and some have mental problems like Aspergers, it is disguting that there is a show that laughs “at” them. With numerous comments like this and innacracies in jokes ans charcaters, they really cannot claim it is written by nerds.

    And this one is just pathetic. I am doubly insulted. First, most of the times I to into various comic shops around me, not only do I see women in the stores, there is usually one working behind the counter. And secondly.. Sheldon is a terrible LtCmd Data. I want to say I looked better when I went as him for Halloween in middleschool. Plus numerous female friends then as well as now were Star Trek TNG fans.
    Bah. Screw this badly written bigoted anti-nerd and sexist show.

  11. @richard john marcej: yeah, i hear ya. without a doubt a lot of hate going on all over the ‘net. i have no problem with criticism as long as it’s constructive, but when it’s filled with nothing more to say than “this sucks”, then it’s just a waste of everyone’s time.

    @xenos: i think you might have something there with your “anti-nerd” comment. the first couple of seasons of the show didn’t come off as “anti-nerd” as the last couple of seasons have. not that the first couple of seasons were “pro-nerd”, but the show had the attitude of “it is what it is”. these last couple of seasons has seen something of a shift of hostility towards the “nerd” lifestyle, so i can see why some folks might be offended by the way “nerds” are portrayed on the show. it’s funny, i would have never thought of “the big bang theroy” as being a controversial show, and yet here we are.

  12. I think it’s a fun sitcom (if you’re into that sort of thing), but I’m not sure it’s meant to be addressing comics nerdity in any serious way. From what I’ve seen, it’s more intended to address science nerdity, and Sheldon is the one true comics geek of the bunch. The people I know who LOVE the show are either scientists themselves or are really into pop science.

    In other words, I don’t think the representation of comics on the show is that damaging, given its place among the other themes and how absurd the show is meant to be.

    Now Comic Book Men, on the other hand . . .

  13. I love the show. So it takes easty potshots at nerd culture, so what? My fellow geeks can’t laugh at themselves?!?

    If you don’t like the show don’t watch it, its that simple. Buncha cry-babies…

  14. It’s not that BBT is a controversial show or there are “haters”, it’s the fact it’s a banal and over-hyped show.The series feel as if they re-purposed episodes of Friends with nerd references and runs on a perpetual “fish out of water” premise. “HEY SEE LOOK THEY SID SOMETHING NERDY! THEY SO DIFFERENT!!! HAHAHAHA!!!”….The idea of a nerd is the engine of the series, BBT is for the general public who have their preconceived notion of geekdom and need something to reinforce it.

    Community is the nerdiest comedy on TV, a show so good that despite low ratings for three seasons it stays on the air because of the vocal fans and critics(aka nerds) who love it. It’s writing is genre-savvy and meta humorous, The characters are all nerdy in their own respect showing that geekdom is a diverse and eclectic state of being, three major female characters right out of the gate with prominent roles and story arcs portrayed by three really talented actresses(Allison Brie, Yvette Nicole Brown, and Gillian Jacobs), and finally Troy and Abed. Oh I forgot they have a much more daring sense of art direction than BBT with 3 full blown paintball episodes(one is a two part which starts off as a western and somehow turns into a star wars parody) a stop motion Christmas special, and recently a 8-bit Video Game episode.

    Community is pound for pound a better written, acted, and overall better show. BBT is empty calories that you watch while on your laptop in another room dozing off and it demographic mostly consist of idle TVs

  15. Hate this show, but my girlfriend and my oldest son love it. Bought them both “Bazinga” t-shirts for Christmas…from the local comic shop. The very institution the show goes out of its way to slag. Hate this show so much…

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