Yesterday a rather curious message went out from Wizard World to vendors with a new table policy: they will no longer accept credit card payments for booths and tables, but require payment by cash or check.

wizartdworldpayment changes.jpeg

In a separate email to vendors, WW confirmed that they are no longer using TicketLeap for ticketing, which they were using as recently as WW New Orleans a few weeks ago.

Speculation and confusion among vendors over the move was immediate. Some see it as a sign that WW is trying to save money on credit card fees – which would be a small savings  – or possibly trying to get all the money for booths ahead of time to smooth over cash flow issues.

Either way, it’s an unorthodox move. Although it seemed to back up recent rumors of financial troubles at Wizard World, just the other day they announced a new touring unit with Gene Simmons, so it seem it be full steam ahead on other business units.

Wizard World, Inc., (WIZD) the preeminent producer of Wizard World Comic Cons across North America, has formed a new Touring Unit in partnership with veteran music and technology executive Nick Turner. The new unit will bring vibrant live entertainment to Wizard World shows, building on the Wizard’s initiative to create an atmosphere of a weekend festival at every Wizard World show.

Wizard World is proud to announce that the first venture of Wizard World Touring a joint venture production with Gene Simmons by which the legendary KISS front-man, bassist and rock icon will perform “An Evening with Gene Simmons and his Band” and attend five Wizard World Comic Con events as an iconic star attraction in 2017. The club venue concerts are in conjunction with appearances at conventions in Cleveland (March 18-19), St. Louis (April 8-9), Philadelphia (June 2-3), Chicago (August 26-27) and Austin (November 17-18).






  1. 20 years ago, Wizard already sucked, but announcing their live entertainment featuring guy who was famous when I still pissed my pants (aka the 70’s) and a loser on the Celebrity Apprentice (but to be fair, everyone who ever appeared on the Celebrity Apprentice was, cosmically speaking, a loser) is… I lost my train of thought due to elongated parentheses.. Long story short, in an industry full of parasite preying on pre-weakened prey, Wizard is the high standard. The sooner they die off the better.

  2. It’s gotta be a cash flow issue. Though, I know artists who won’t accept credit cards because they refuse to pay the 2 or 3 percent fees… so they end up losing the whole sale (or taking someone’s last seven bucks for what would normally cost 10… not sure how that’s better).

    So maybe Wizard is just being cheap. But I bet they’re out of money. I mean – who still uses checks? Older business people I guess but I don’t think I even have a checkbook.

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