Word on the street is that we’re getting some snow here in the Northeast.



NYC may get as much as three feet in a historic snow dump that is expected to last from this morning right on until Wednesday with blizzard-like conditions.





We at Stately Beat Manor do not fear the snow.




We’ve socked in supplies—cat food, batteries, water, kale—in case the power goes out.

James Jean’s cover to Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall



We’ll keep blogging as long as we can.

But if the lights do go out, we’ll hang in there and our correspondents from warmer climes will send out smoke signals.



What is your favorite snowy comic? We may need something to read by candlelight…




  1. I wrote a snowy comic titled THE CABINET that is illustrated by Kelly Williams. It’s now available on ComiXology. Here’s our summary:

    On a doomed 1901 mission to the arctic Northwest Passage, a “shadow cabinet” of social outcasts opposing America’s government find horror and madness that leads them to the assassination of the President of the United States.

    I’d also nominate Ben Towle’s MIDNIGHT SUN and Jacques Tradi’s THE ARCTIC MARAUDER. Stay warm!

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