Oh no, I have to watch the View again! Tomorrow Friday, February 6th, at 11AM EST, the latest SECRET WARS news will be announced on The View, ABC’s highly rated yenta-fest.

The announcement is billed as a “Forceful one” so COULD IT BEStar Wars related?


Or just knowing we’d all think that, Marvel just used a trigger word? MEAN.

Whatever it is, based on the previous announcement—Lady Thor— this one will include Whoopi Goldberg hyping up the PR and Rosie O’Donnell and Nicole struggle with the phrase “616 universe incursion.” I think I may have seen Rosie Perez at Comic-Con once so she may be the secret weapon here.
At any rate, Marvel is making another play for the adult women demographic—or else just using a Disney owned platform for a synergistic purpose.


  1. I think they only have the license to create comics about SW characters not to mix them up with their own. May it be the Phoenix Force instead?

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