Gemma Arterton
We haven’t given nearly enough coverage to Stephen Frears’movie adaptation of Posy Simmonds‘ brilliant Tamara Drewe graphic novel, but this is probably the most lit/comix-approved movie since GHOST WORLD. Variety reports that the movie has been picked up for US distribution by Sony after a modest bidding war. The title role will be played by Gemma Arterton, who already had a comic book movie role under her belt with St TRINIAN’S, and was the Alternate Bond Girl in QUANTUM OF SOLACE. Also cast are Dominic Cooper, Roger Allam, Luke Evans, Bill Camp and Tamsin Greig.

Arterton is definitely adorable, and we’re certain Beat readers will enjoy continued coverage of her activities.


  1. Hmm.

    I thought TAMARA DREWE was the best graphic novel of the year, but I don’t know that I’m all that interested in a movie version. It was the way the story was told — Simmonds’ craft as a cartoonist — that was as thrilling as the story she told with it. [Similarly, I thought the novel THE TIME-TRAVELLER’S WIFE was brilliant, and don’t have much interest in the movie; I don’t think what was brilliant about the novel will translate.]

    But I’m glad to see they’re doing it, and I hope it goes well.


  2. Well, if we’ve got a Gemma playing Tamara, it only makes sense that a Tamara (Brown, maybe?) should play Gemma whenever they get around to a movie version of Gemma Bovery

  3. >> You can read all of Tamara Drew for free on the Guardian site. >>

    Though wasn’t it revised somewhat for the book edition?

    I’ve only read the book edition, and I expect it’s great in both versions. It’d be fun to do a page by page comparison of them, sometime…


  4. Everything Kurt said. Tamara Drew was an absolutely delicious book & the experience of reading it was so pleasurable that I can’t imagine a movie being anywhere nearly as good.

    I’m assuming, since she’s the only other female lead mentioned, that Tamsin Greig will be playing the narrator/ the cheating husband’s wife. Although she’s a little older than the actress playing the title role, in the book the narrator was both older & chubby, which (for me) gave her voice a particular poignancy. Seeing that the casting has seemingly already glam’d up that role, maybe I’ll just be sticking w/ the book.