Looks like the answer is YES! As of 2:30 this afternoon, this was what the San Diego Comic-Con site was showing for four-day passes:

Only a few hours before, the bar was YELLOW. So if you’re planning to go…better haul ass over there to buy a pass!

Pro Reg opens on Sunday. Hotel registration is on Thursday. Looks like it will all be over but the shouting (and day passes and hotel room swapping) within a week!


  1. Sadly, this is the first time I’ll miss SDCC in ten years. Working independently and this year’s crunch just makes it impossible for me to attend. Enjoy the 40th celebration, if it is anything like last year, it’ll be just nuts! [tears].

  2. There are still plenty of one-day passes, and it’s possible to purchase more than one for the same person.

    I had a friend who planned to buy his ticket at the door a few years ago (the first time they sold out of 4-day passes ahead of time), and I mentioned that they’d sold out, and he ended up buying several one-day passes for the days he was going. If you’re going for the whole weekend it does end up costing more, but if you’re only going one or two days anyway, it can actually be cheaper.

  3. Man, I’m glad I got in on the Con before it turned into an event that seems more about being endured than enjoyed. There’s an almost panicky, desperate quality about the whole thing that just wasn’t there only four or five years ago.

  4. I think the growth was so sudden that people got a little freaked out there, but it seems like the folks to whom I talk to about it are accustomed to the new show now, its demands and peculiarities.

    It’s hard to judge just from a personal standpoint because you vacation and work-vacation differently at 40 than you did when you were 25, no matter if the show has changed or if it hasn’t.

  5. Nobody goes there anymore…it’s too crowded.

    Unless there’s a special reason, I think I’ll forego SDCC for the time being. There are other shows to attend, with less stress and cost.

    That said, hope you all will enjoy it! I’ll do it virtually, reloading Google News every 15 minutes and buying swag on eBay the week after.

  6. I got my 4-day at the 2008 con. And I’m not sure I’ll even use it.
    Though I am curious to see what effect a lame economy has on the show- will there be exhibitors and companies not coming?

  7. I am tired of hearing the same complaints year after year. A lot of the the people complaining sound like that group of kids that discovered the next great band. Then that band gets popular and the initial fans start hating it and the people that like it now, because they were there first. Do you guys want it to go back to the way it was? That is a real question, because if you want the comics industry to be hanging from a thread again then that’s fine.

    People need to get over it, and except it for what it is. I have been going for 15 years and I am a die hard comics fan. If I can enjoy myself as I leave the convention with the sweat of 100,000 people, I think everyone can. If you go into the convention looking at all the negative then you will only see the negative.

    If you still can’t enjoy yourself, don’t go. That would allow some new fan who has come for Hollywood but ends up picking up some comics to attend and can’t because it sold out.

  8. Yeah, and for all the dweebs who think they can resell their passes/memberships…THINK AGAIN. If you can’t come, you get a refund. You can’t resell them…YOU GET YOUR MONEY BACK…DON’T EVEN TRY!


  9. >>Torsten: “Nobody goes there anymore…it’s too crowded.”
    >I’m trying to wrap my mind around this contradiction.

    It’s a famous Yogi Berra-ism. Long live baseball’s quotation king!