I would have read it to shreds. Absolute shreds.
“The Ice Dragon” by Robert Kanigher and Joe Kubert.


  1. It is fascinating to me to see this pop up, as it is one of the first comics that I can actually remember reading! I was born in 1951, so I must have been only 5 or 6 when it came out. I can still recall the moment. I was at some family friend’s house, playing in the basement with their kids who were my age. This comic book was laying near the washing machine on the floor by a pile of clothes.

    I grabbed it and did read it to shreds!

    It is odd to me that this memory is so vivid. But it would always come back, particularly when people ask “what’s the first comic you ever read?”. I doubt this was the FIRST comic I ever read, but I certainly can say that it was one of them and had a greater impact than most of them.

    Very ironic to me to see this particular issue appear online on the blog.

  2. One of the first comics I ever remember getting was a “Brave and the Bold” with Batman and Metamorpho, but the story I really remember was the Viking Prince backup that reprinted his attempts to ride a winged horse. I even remember asking my dad to read it to me.

    Truly exciting stuff. Viking Prince was awesome.

  3. I did and I did! Man-o-man, that creepy albino sea serpent still scares me!
    I had this reprint version, and as a superhero loving kid, I felt like it opened a new avenue of adventure comics up to me.

    At the time, I thought that Kubert guy was a little sloppy. Now I revere every brushstroke.

    Probably overboard on both fronts.

  4. That is magic.

    There is a similar-mood story drawn by Wally Wood that was reprinted in a little Ripley’s Believe it or Not comics digest that I read to bits when I was young as well. Him and Esteban Maroto I could spot a mile away.