The Preacher pilot is HAPPENING. I never believed this day would come. Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s scabrous, epic take on religion, armageddon and personal honor is still violent and shocking. But it’s happening.

They’ve cast Tulip (Ruth Negga)


And Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun)


And Arseface (Ian Colletti)


But who will play Jesse Custer? The main man, the fallen preacher whose power allow him to take on God himself?

Maybe it should be Matt Ryan, who plays the almost sure to not return Constantine.

After all, Constantine and Jesse Custer look a lot alike.



Actually, the front runner is said to be Dominic Cooper, who also has a strong resemblance to Howard Stark. This is all getting very confusing.



  1. Timothy Olyphant or Walton Goggins get my vote…but I probably just have those ads for Justified in my brain. Maybe James Badge Dale?

  2. If he was younger it would be Christian Slater, as elements of True Romance can be seen in Preacher. I also think Timothy Olyphant would have worked if he were younger too.

    I don’t think Dominic Cooper would be a good choice.

    Unfortunately I’m starting to worry more and more that this adaptation will be badly done. Worried at first that since it was on AMC they would not get the tone correct, (they kept BB and WD on curse word quotas) WD’s Rick couldn’t use the F word on last season’s finale after all. For some shows that wouldn’t matter, but I think a big part of Preacher is the over-the-top insanity of it all and I think AMC will have to reign that in too much. Unlike many, I initially was not worried about it being in Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg’s (sp) hands. Though I’m not too into their casting choices so far.

  3. Dan – you really think being able to use the word fuck is wholly representative of translating the tone of these works to TV? If that’s so, it’s a rather immature understanding of the works as they stand. Neither Walking Dead or Breaking Bad lost the tone of what they were trying to do due to not being able to use curse words. Rogan and Goldberg are fans first, which has proven to be, more often than not, the thing most important to keeping the tone of these works from the comics. Early reviews of the pilot script have said that it very much captures the tone of Preacher, while changing things in a very Walking Dead way to keep the property more dramatic and fresh for TV. While I agree Walton Goggins or Tim Olyphant likely would make much better Jesse Custer’s than Dominic Cooper, the fact that Arseface is even in it gives me faith that the developers are staying close to the text while illuminating and dramatizing things that make it a better fit for TV.

  4. The swearing or no swearing, its gonna be hard to nail the tone of Preacher on the TV. Its hard to imagine normal folks stomaching a teenager who attempted to kill himself cuz of Kurt Cobain, survives, and then serves as comic relieft for the first story arc. AMC’s style seems a little monotone for Preacher.

    I vote for the cast of Its Always Sunny to fill the main spots. You know who goes where.

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