Jughead (Cole Sprouse) mourns the death of his mentor Brad Raybury in the most Jughead of ways. What’s that, you ask? Why, an all-day hamburger fueled vigil in a Pop’s booth, of course. He narrates this week’s Riverdale presumably between bites of burger. 

Dr. Werthers has Betty (Lili Reinhart) in the hot seat on Riverdale this week. This is all fallout from Betty flashing her panties on local tv.  He interviews her, asking about her first sexual memory. it’s of Archie (KJ Apa)when they were much younger, but she doesn’t admit that him. Even Little Archie isn’t immune to Riverdale removing its innocent veneer. He asks her how often she thinks about sex, which leads to a montage of Betty fantasizing about pretty much every guy and girl in her life. She answers “All the time.” The interrogation doesn’t stop. It leads to Betty admitting to finding her dad’s girly magazine collection. Dr. Werthers gets very defensive here, announcing that Betty’s father isn’t the one in therapy. 

Betty and Archie (KJ Apa), the source of most of Betty's sexual fantasies

Veronica (Camila Mendes) markets the Babylonium by giving out free passes to a James Dean double feature. When Kevin (Casey Cott) asks why they’re handing out free tickets, Veronica explains they make most of their money on concession sales.

Veronica’s marketing works. Every seat is full. There’s a problem though – the print they received of East of Eden from the studio is unwatchable. Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) leads everyone in chants for refunds. Veronica acquiesces after everyone pelts her with their concessions. 

The audience at the Babylonium pelts Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes) with popcorn when the movie won't start.

Veronica calls the studio for a replacement, but gets nowhere with them. She calls around to other major studios, but has no luck with them either. It’s revealed on her phones calls that her parents are behind her blacklisting. Clay (Karl Walcott) suggests contacting smaller studios. Veronica likes it. 

Dr. Werthers wants to know Betty’s most frequent sexual dream. She tells him it’s where she’s a biology teacher tutoring one of her students. He wants more details. This therapy session seems wholly inappropriate. 

Veronica spots Jughead at Pop’s, and asks him if he knows about a movie called The Crawling Eye. He does, and he liked it. Jughead is surprised by Veronica’s interest in an old B-movie. Veronica explains it’s all she can get her hands on for her theater. Jughead suggests she follow the business model of William Castle. He gimmicked up the theater with buzzers for monster movies and people loved it. 

Dr. Werthers is definitely telling Alice everything Betty tells him. Alice also read Betty’s diaries at Dr. Werthers’ recommendation. Alice’s solution? Bring over a priest for “a confession and possibly an exorcism.” Oh Alice. In response to Alice stealing Betty’s diary, Betty decides to steal Dr. Werthers’ notebook. She breaks into his office late at night. In his desk, she finds a switchblade, a slingshot and a copy of Lolita, among other things. 

Betty breaks into Dr. Werthers' desk in his Riverdale High office

Betty brings Lolita to Jughead, asking what he knows about it. Jughead gives her the Jugnotes version of Lolita. Knowing the story makes Betty even more surprised at Dr. Werthers having it in his desk.

Veronica screens The Crawling Eye trailer for her class. She claims it’s a 4D movie. When Dilton (Daniel Yang) says time is the 4th dimension, Veronica responds with “Shut up, Dilton.” Ha, that never gets old. Veronica has Clay and Kevin cover beach balls in papier mache while Veronica recruits Reggie (Charles Melton) and Archie as performers. 

Veronica goes all out with gimmicks, selling life insurance policies, and having Midge in a nurse’s outfit in case people faint. But the best gimmick is when Veronica pumps in dry ice mist during the movie with Archie and Kevin emerging in their monster costumes. Everyone loves it. 

Cheryl loves Veronica's eyeball monster at the Babylonium, the new hot spot in Riverdale

Betty confronts Dr. Werthers about Lolita, but all that does is have her admit she broke into her office. But Betty calls out Dr. Werthers, saying he’s the one who’s really obsessed with sex. She storms out after saying she’s not comfortable meeting with him in private. Ironically, Dr. Werthers calls Alice saying he’s the one wo wants to end his sessions with Betty. Betty is fine with that. 

When Betty asks Alice what she is so afraid of, Hal storms in, breaking apart the conversation. Is the Black Hood making a 1955 comeback? When Hal isn’t around, Betty talks with Alice again. Betty is happy to find out Dr. Werthers won’t be counseling her any more. Alice meets Betty with attitude though, saying she’s not Betty’s mother anymore. Okayyyy…

The Babylonium is hot! There’s a line down the block to get in. Archie and Reggie were happy to help out once but aren’t down for this to be a regular gig. Veronica thinks they’re squeezing her for a raise, but really, they’re just not interested. Veronica moves on without them. Her success gets her back in touch with the major studios, who now want to do business in Riverdale. But all’s not good for Veronica. Her parents had Smithers change all the locks in the apartment. That’s fine, Veronica movies into the Babylonium, sleeping next to the giant creepy eyes that brought her success. 

Back at Pop’s, Sheriff Keller asks for Jughead’s help in solving the Raybury suicide case. Riverdale cliffhanger!