While walking to the office on Wednesday, we noticed a huge lineup of paparazzi, security and harried looking PA’s with all-access badges running around the Lexington Armory. What on earth was going on? Turns out it was Kanye and Nicki and even Maroon 6 — all here for the taping of the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show, a wonderful event which allows viewers to really get into the mechanics and heritage of fashion. And to inspect lingerie as it is meant to be worn. The theme this year? Superheroes. :

The superhero theme was a total hit, with Anja Rubik and Adriana Lima‘s comic book onomatopoeia capes being two of the real bonafide show-stoppers in the line-up, but some other looks – like Chanel Iman’s teeny-bopper ensemble that bordered on Avril Lavigne for Hot Topic, was a real miss.

While you’ll have to wait until November 29th to watch the actual show, we managed to scrape together some pictures of the event as inspiration for future cosplayers. Hard to believe this glamorous event is set in the very same place that houses MoCCA Festival, eh?

Perhaps there is a candidate to portray Starfire among the beautiful models?
















You’re welcome.


  1. Of course, the wags will say that the models are wearing too much fabric for a superheroine costume, that they should be bustyer, and should be more contortionist in their poses. Others will just let their tongues wag in appreciation.

    The costumes are quite amazing, spectacular, and fantastic! Might these be added to VS’ “Sexy Little Fantasies” collection?

    The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show will air on CBS on Tuesday, November 29th (10-11PM EST).

  2. look like designs the wasp or various female members of the x-men would wear during crime fighting (how male super-villians are never distracted by what female superheroes are wearing is beyond me).

  3. An all-too-typical skin parade is now exploiting superheroine attire? Yep, that sure looks like ‘female empowerment’ to me. :(

  4. Actually, some of these could easily be Legion Of Superhero costumes (especially the 8th one from the top).

    Perhaps many of the current crop of artists should look at these pictures the next time they work on the latest Power Girl or Emma Frost piece and note that real women’s spine’s aren’t “broken” and you can’t see their breast’s and rear at the same time.