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As recounted in his blog, we ran into Too Much Opera Man Shannon Wheeler on the subway the other night, and he told us about his strip currently running in THE ONION, Postage Stamp Funnies.

I call it postage stamp funnies because so many cartoonists complain that comics are printed at a postage stamp size. I’m just happy to get the work. Crap. I get to draw for a living. How can I complain?

I play a lot with the structure of comics. It’s a nice evolution away from the whole narrative structure thing.

He sent along a couple of samples, above…PRINT! It’s so retro!


  1. I worked at a store that purchased a bunch of TMCM #1s so we could get the “animation cel” of TMCM. Little did we know that we’d be hooked on his books. I’ve gotten everything he’s done up to this point (see Heidi? More proof of my indy-interests!). I had no idea he was doing short strips in The Onion, unfortunately. Now my collection is incomplete. That’s why I come to the Beat, I guess.

  2. Wow – if I’d known this was going to be news – I’ve would flagged you earilier on this Heidi – Shannon’s been in the Onion as long as I can remember since I started picking up my free copies at Fox.