200701041252Beat Spy RK sent us this profile of quadriplegic cartoonist John Callahan, which ran last week. Popular back in the 90s, with several best selling books, Callahan lives more modestly these, but retains his outrageous nature:

Here’s a little secret about John Callahan.

The politically incorrect cartoonist, whose drawings of the pope and hoary feminists have sparked fiery protests and the keen interest of Hollywood stars like Robin Williams, sleeps under a purple Little Mermaid comforter.

That’s just the beginning of the contradictions that accompany any honest description of Callahan. He’s a quadriplegic who is more productive than most people who have full use of all their limbs. He’s a social liberal who once ran for office as a Republican. He’s a gregarious loner who has just issued a CD that is both dark and surprisingly hopeful.