As you read this I’m on a plane to New Orleans to speak on a panel at Intix, a convention for people who sell tickets. I’ll be on a panel with Rob Salkowitz explaining how the pageantry and passion of comic cons can be brought to other kinds of events. Becuase comic con is taking over the world. I’ll only be in NoLa for a few hours, really, just long enough for a beignet and an oyster po’ boy, but my posting may be curtailed a bit.


I did want to mention that I’ve been very gratified by the reception of our “A Year of Free Comics” feature. I figured that if Bully  could do it, I could do it, by gum. So far so good, although there have been a few close calls…

The reason I wanted to do it is two-fold – I wanted to share some of the free cool things on the internet with Beat readers, duh. But I also wanted to…read more comics. I’ve had less time than ever to read digital or paper comics over the last year and that’s a problem. Doing this feature has enabled me to allow myself to spend an hour or so every other day just looking at websites, reading and catching up with things. I even got Tapastic, Line Webtoon, Stela and Comixology up and running on my iPad, so I can delve into some of these. Are digital comics going to make a comeback? The segment has been pretty flat, but you never know.

I’m really grateful that Phillipe, Rosie and AJ have chimed in with their own comics picks, and the rest of the Beat staff will be jumping in here and there as well.

In the meantime, if you have a free comic you’d like spotlighted, drop me a line at comicsbeat at gmail.com and make sure “Free Comics” is in the subject line. I can’t run everything, but I am enjoying reading and checking things out!