Now that Harry Potter is passed, what’s the next thing for Nerd Nation over which to obsess over? How about CLOVERFIELD aka 1-18-08, the new film project headed up by ALIAS/LOST maestro J.J. Abrams?

You’ve already seen the trailer. You’ve been to the website. What’s next?

Well, this week’s “Entertainment Weekly” (Harry Potter cover) has the first look at the movie’s one-sheet, but it seems to raise just as many questions as it might answer.

Cloverfield poster

And in today’s “Washington Post,” there’s a story about the project and how it relates to Alternate Reality Games.

Abrams was supposed to be a late afternoon panel today at Comic-Con possibly revealing more about the movie. If word does filter out, we’ll throw the details in here.

Edit: At the panel, JJ said that it’s not called “Monstrous” and that he always wanted to make a monster movie.

Posted by Mark Coale


  1. I hope that Harry Potter remark was not a spoiler after everything you said about them. Not everyone who rides the subway can finish it overnight.

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