WOW!  Forbidden Planet in New York City, one of the oldest and best comics retailers in the country, has an amazing amount of events planned this week!

First off, on New Comics Wednesday:

FPNYC 04292015

Dan Slott and Chris Miskiewicz will be signing from 6 PM until…?

Then, on Thursday, the 30th, things get really interesting!

FPNYC Troma 04302015

Words fail me, so here’s some PR:

Forbidden Planet is stoked to announce a Troma signing on Thursday April 30th at 7PM! The Troma Team and Ship to Shore Phone Co. are celebrating the release of the Class of Nuke ‘Em High Original Soundtrack Lp and the Blu-ray releases of Class of Nuke “Em High Part 2 and The Toxic Avenger part 2!

Meet Lloyd Kaufman (Troma President and creator of The Toxic Avenger), Ethan Hurt(Composer of the Class of Nuke ‘Em High Theme), and Lisa Gaye (star of Class of Nuke ‘ Em High 2 & 3, Toxic Avenger 2-4, and many more Troma classiscs!

That’s right!  Blu-Ray!

Friday?  They take a break.  Because Saturday is Free Comic Book Day!!!!

And what an amazing signing!  Ed Piskor!  Dash Shaw! At Noon! (Oooh… what if they collaborated? My mind reels…)


Here’s the fine print, and it’s mighty fine!

Forbidden Planet NYC will be giving away bags of comics starting at 9am, May 2nd.  All ages bags will also be provided as this is a family-friendly event and there’s little else we like more than comics in the hands of a new generation of readers.  We give away COMPLETE bags of books until we start running out of titles, and will do so as supplies last, so remember to ARRIVE EARLY.

Didja see that?  COMPLETE BAGS!


But pretty dang cool.

What’s more, ALL comic books, graphic novels and manga in stock will be ON SALE at 15% OFF for the entire day!!!

Buy one of those gigantic colossal Artist Editions. Or grab something for your niece, nephew, cousin in their great kids section!  Lots of toys, games, t-shirts, collectibles as well!