WB Consumer Products has just unveiled a bunch of Wonder Woman merchandise themed to Mothers Day, reminding us that even if an actual storyline for Wonder Woman is problematic, difficult and whatever other synonym for “iffy” word you want to use, licensing wise, she’s a powerhouse for Warner Bros.

Licensees include Icup, Lauren Moshi and Junk Food, and products include

A comfy Wonder Woman sleeved robe from Warner Bros. is great for snuggling up after a long day, while a colorful Wonder Woman tote from Vandor is the perfect accessory for fighting crime – and for grocery shopping. Wonder Woman aprons from Icup and chic pullovers from Lauren Moshi will also thrill Mom this Mother’s Day. Product ranges from $5-$60 and is available at retailers nationwide. Select items are available at WBShop.com. 

Me? I’ll take that apron—because when I’m puttering around in the kitchen I need all the help I get and feeling like Wonder Woman will definitely improve my canned bean-heating skills.






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