Fox announced it future Marvel moviesslate last night, including a sequel to the FF movie they haven’t even shot yet. But Fox has to keep making these movies or else Disney will make them so, full speed ahead. FF 2 opens July 14, 2017. There is also going to be a Wolverine movie on March 3, 2017. Even though Hugh Jackman has tragically revealed that he won’t be Wolverine forever, we’d hope that he’ll still be around and cut as hell for this one. Director James Mangold is on board.

Then there is a THIRD movie set for July 13, 2018 — but the subject is a mystery. Disney piles to pull these “mystery movies” and one was Guardians of the Galaxy and the other was Ant-Man so Fax won’t let a good thing go.

What will it be? Maybe another X-men movie. Or Deadpool. Or X-force. Or an X-men/FF team-up. Or…the Silver Surfer? I mide up the last one but the rest have all been rumored at one point or another. I’d put my money on something mutanty, but we’ll see.

Fox also announced that The Secret Service, directed by Matthew Vaughn and based on the Mark Mallar/Dave Gibbons comic has been moved from March 6, 2015, to October 24, 2014—sounds like a vote of confidence there, as February is a bad time to open a movie.


  1. X-Force movie. They accidentally let it slip a few months ago and are now counting on nobody paying attention.

  2. what a vicious little circle. the f.f. movie hasn’t even been made yet, plans are already in the works for a second film even if the first one tanks ( a very real possibility), all because fox does not want to see the rights go back to marvel/Disney. I wonder if fox would really make a second f.f. flick if the first one really does badly or just start from scratch, again.

  3. The Human Torch can’t really be the wrong color because he is on fire, which doesn’t really have a color – it simply emits photons of light at whatever wavelength corresponds to the particular chemical reaction that is producing it as those elections being transferred in the reaction jump back and forth between their various valence states and release energy.

  4. After the removal of the old charles and the mutants in the last stand movie the spices are kind of over. There must be some new mutants added with extra ordinary abilities to enhance the appealing momentum of the movie coming this year

  5. @Jamie
    Hugh says that before he shoots his topless scenes he literally starves himself to get ‘cut’ like that. He even stops drinking water.
    So. yeah. Real healthy for you.

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