As reported by this morning, Marvel is launching a new run on The Punisher.  Gotham Academy writer Becky Cloonan has signed on to pen the series, collaborating with Punisher MAX artist Steve Dillon.

The first storyline features Frank Castle in a state of turmoil when he discovers the existence of a new and unstable super soldier serum.  As he tries to find the root of this illegal operation, he ends up encountering a figure from his military past.

During the’s interview, Cloonan clarifies the target age range for the title, stating:

Ok, straight up: if you are a young child and enjoy Gotham Academy, you probably shouldn’t be reading this Punisher run. Hear that kids? Definitely don’t read it.

Alex Maleev’s Variant Cover to Issue #1


  1. Okay, how awesome is it that we have Becky writing this??

    Too awesome, that’s how much awesome is in this. I cannot wait!

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