Our gym now has “Cardio Theatre,” small plasma TVs on most of the cardio equipment so you can turn your brain off while you turn your heart on, and this morning we actually watched about half of an episode of LOONATICS while on the stairmaster, and at that moment a desire was born in our heart, a desire to work out and take steroids and get strong and buy guns and nitro and flamethrowers and maybe strychnine, and to hunt down everyone responsible for this show and MAKE THEM PAY, oh God, MAKE THEM PAY. THEY MUST PAY.


  1. What would happen if they just made some good Looney Tune cartoons again. No gimmicks or rad new powers, just the tried and true formula of the Looneys in crazy yet relatable situations mixed with some outlandish violence and sarcasm? That’s what people know and love. Why reinvent it?

  2. I feel the same way whenever I see how badly Chuck Jones ruined Tex Avery and Bob Clampett’s characters.

  3. True and sad story:

    A little boy around here, maybe 7 years old, responded with a look of complete non-recognition when presented with the phrases “Bugs Bunny,” “Daffy Duck” and “Loony Tunes.”

    Boomerang is not on the local cable network.

    The existence of The CW Network begins to make more sense; Warners suck at marketing.

  4. Primate, I’ had no problem with Chuck when he stuck to his own material. Hell, I loved the Dover Boys and I think his Marc Antony and Pussyfoot cartoons were sweet. It’s what Chuck did to the existing Looney Tunes characters that pisses me off.