A few items that have drifted in over the day regarding the library cencorship story that everyone is tracking.

One of our correspondents notes that Marshall, MO is where WAITING FOR GUFFMAN was filmed, although it was called “Blane, MO’ in the film. We’re the center of a stool boom, indeed.

Another correspondent points us towards a similar story regarding Asimov’s SF Magazine.

An earlier post on the controversy at GalleyCat points out that last week wa,s ironically enough, Banned Books week. There is no rest for the “wicked”, it seems.

More commentary: Tom , Kevin Melrose @ Newsarama (check out the comments), and Alison Bechdel.


  1. It really doesn’t have anything to do with the subject of the post, i.e. censorship, but I thought the commentary on Waiting For Guffman said they filmed it in Texas not MO.