Rounding up a bunch of photos or cartooners spotted about the globe, conquering all in their path.

Via Jeff Newelt, photos from the Paul Pope Diesel Party in Hollywood celebrating the release of PULPHOPE
and debuting new original PP screenprints on sale at Diesel’s Melrose location:
 Mg 6383
Pope, James Jean and David Silverman, director of THE SIMPSONS MOVIE.

 Mg 6394
Silverman, Dark Horse’s Jeremy Atkins, Newelt, and Sam Humphries of MySpace.
 Mg 6388 1
Pope with Jonas Hjertberg, Director Creative Services, Diesel USA
 Mg 6341
Newelt with James Pascoe, who sports a beard that yells “40 days and 40 nights in the wilderness.”

 Mg 6288
Interior of the store showing Pope’s artwork.

Brad McKay of the Doug Wright Awards, and D&Q’s Chris Oliveros at the opening of the faulous Drawn & Quarterly store in Montreal. Many more pics in link.

At Stumptown, several local bands with cartooning cnnections rocked the house. Above, “Fox Hollow keyboardist Kaela Graham and cartoonist Jeremy Eaton (with Adam Grano looking away). Photo by Kevin Schlosser.” Many more photos from the show at Flog, which is where we also got that caption.

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Also via Flog, Joe Sacco, Peter Bagge and the invisible world of Jim Woodring at Sacco’s 10/26 event at the Fantagraphics book store.


Via Dark Horse’s Diana Schutz, at the recent SPX, Vertigo’s Bob Schreck, Schutz and Dean Mullaney reuinite.

While at a convention in New Zealand, Amanda Conner makes new friends.