Let’s have a look at what the digital comic sales are this weekend.

Amazon and Comixology are currently featuring DC’s “Til Death Do Us Part” sale.  Kind of a jerky way to imply there’s a wedding, but not technically say there is.  I guess that makes the top recommendation for this sale the “Tainted Love” volume of Hellblazer.  Astro City is always a good idea and the Lovers Quarrel volume is included here, but check the price, because as I type this Amazon is $4 higher (you really have to keep an eye on Amazon these days).  If you’d like to get your Batman on, but stay away from the current hype circus, there’s Batman: Prey, which collects the Moench/Gulacy “Prey” and “Terror” storylines from Legends of the Dark Knight.


Marvel’s got a “100 Pivotal Collections” sale at Comixology, that’s also on Amazon, but currently unadvertised.  Are all 100 really pivotal?  Of course not.  Marvel’s making politicians look modest again.  But there are a few things here worth your time.  The Marvels Project is an overlooked gem by Brubaker and Epting that tells the story of how superheroes first started appearing in the Marvel universe in 1939.  Iron Man: Demon in a Bottle is the classic alcoholism storyline.  Believe it or not, Wolverine was still over exposed back when Barry Windsor-Smith’s Weapon X was running in Marvel Comics Presents, just not as absurdly over-exposed as today and the story is still worth a look.

And remember, the Captain America sale, Ant-Man sale and Love & Rockets sale are all still going on.


  1. Since May when the Marvel Amazon prices went back up after a year, these sales are barely ever on Canadian Amazon. They used to figure out what the sales would be with the exchange but it’s rare I see discounts running for digital comics on Amazon here anymore.

  2. Thanks Todd

    I’m sure I speak for most Android users, but I always check the prices. Even between the Comixology App and Comixology website there are differences – usually on non-sale items. E.g. Walking Dead volume 23 is GBP 7.99 app and GBP 4.99 website.

    I think you wrote this before the ‘DC Crime Sale’ started (or it is UK only?). Sale is on Comixology and Amazon. It is quite a small selection, but it covers some GREAT series from Wildstorm, Vertigo and Jinxworld. The three series I’ve read in the sale – Sleeper, Scalped and Powers – I count in my top 10/15 all time favourites. All three titles worth your time if anybody hasn’t read them. The Sleeper trade is a particularly good deal including 17 issues (Point Blank and Season One).

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