Webtoon, a popular digital comic app, recently launched their “Discover Creator” contest in the hopes of finding fresh-toon-talent. Over the next three months, creators can submit their stories ranging in genres from slice of life to science fiction. The contest, which went live on June 11, invites creators from around the globe to submit their stories for consideration by a panel of editors. Editors will select the eight best stories to advance to round two. Each quarterfinalist will be awarded $5,000 and has the opportunity to place in the finals. The contest will end on November 14 with a Grand Prize Winner to be selected to win an additional $50,000. That brings the total possible winnings up to $80,000. Nothing to sneeze at folks.

Over 1000 hopeful creators have already submitted their work in the hopes of being the lucky winner. Round one editors will select two stories from the genres: Thriller/Horror, Comedy/Slice, Fantasy/Sci-fi/Action, and Drama/Romance. If you are one of the lucky quarterfinalists not only will you get yourself a lovely $5,000 but you’ll also receive exclusive access to Webtoon’s Green Screen Room party at New York City Comic Con (among other prizes). From there eight semifinalists will be chosen based off the following categories: most gripping, most laughs, most epic and most feels. The final round, which takes place between November 6 through November 14 will award each finalist (4 in total) $25,000. The Grand Prize Winner will be announced on November 16, 2018. It’s worth noting that there are specific requirements for each genre so read the rules and guide carefully: Webtoon Discover Creator Contest.

I know this is a lot to throw at you, so here’s a helpful infographic:

This is fourth year of Webtoon’s “Discover Creator” contest. Past winners include Stephen McCraine ((Mal and Chad, Penguin) who won the Grand Prize with their entry of Space Boy. The fourth-place winner in the 2016 Superhero Comics Contest presented by Stan Lee’s POW. Entertainment, uru-chan and her hit series, unOrdinary – has more than 1.6 million subscribers and almost 200,000,000 views.

If you still don’t feel like your questions have been answered, I recommend checking out the FAQ page which is constantly being updated with helpful information. Comic and webtoon creators have until September 13, 2018 to submit their works for consideration.