Sloane Leong, artist on From Under Mountains from Image and many other fine comics, is starting a new one, Maps to the Suns which is being serialized on Comics & Cola. It’s billed as a “girls basketball drama” so sold right there. She discussed her process and the lack of sports comics in the US with RJ Casey in an interview at TCJ:

This leads to a question that constantly bothers me — why are there no good sports comics? You mentioned a few manga series, but North American comics seems completely devoid of the genre.

I have no idea why. I tweeted last month asking for any Western sports comics people knew of and ended up with Roy of the Rovers, Look Out for Lefty, and Toth’s Hot Wheels comics, all of which are pretty old. The only new sports comic I’m aware of is by Ngozi Ukazu called Check, Please! — it’s very cute and follows a university hockey team. Beside myself, though, there are a few other women comic artists that are planning on storming the new year with sports comics, so I’m stoked about that. The sports genre seems like such a rich place to work in, so it’s strange to me that it’s still so desolate.

Indeed, aspirations, family drama and slum dunks–seems ready made for comics action. New episodes will run the first Wednesday of every month. 



  1. Leong is spot on correct! The lack of sports-based comics in North America is dismal. We can add other genres to that list, as well.

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