The other day we linked to the fine Comic Arts LA poster by Sophia Foster-Dimino. Poking around her website, we found this charming comic about the band Cibo Matto, created for Pitchfork Review. Billed as two Japanese expats singing songs about food, Cibo Matto’s 1994 debut Viva! La Woman! is a staple of the 90sscene centering about Grand Royal Records, and led to the haunting Sugar Water video directed my Michel Gondry that features the same footage shown backwards in palindromatic fashion.

Cibo Matto came out with a new album this year (Hotel Valentine)—not the sample heavy, expensive to clear music of their debut, but concept album about a haunted hotel with a still fresh sound and some tasty guest playing, including the great Nels Cline. And a fun comic about it all.


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