It goes without saying that the multiverse is in the zeitgeist. To that end, Marvel has announced Weapon X-Men, a new 4-issue limited series from writer Christos Gage and drawn by Yildiray Çinar that will see various Wolverines from different realities band together. The team will include familiar favorites like Age of Apocalypse and Earth X as well as a new female version named Jane Howlett. The first issue will feature a cover by Dike Ruan.

Weapon X-MenOfficial press release below:

Throughout X-Men history, there’s been certain missions that require a specific set of claws, and this March comes a threat that will take an entire squad of them in WEAPON X-MEN! Written by Christos Gage and drawn by Yildiray Çinar, this four-issue epic will star Wolverines from fan-favorite Marvel realities like Age of Apocalypse, Earth X, and Marvel Zombies, plus an all-new Wolverine hero named Jane Howlett.

The action-packed saga will spin directly out of Gage and Greg Land’s Original X-Men #1 which hits stands this Wednesday. In the special anniversary one-shot, readers will witness the Phoenix recruit the Professor X’s original five students to fix yet another time-displaced disaster. But now the threat is deadlier than ever…and it’s time to call in the X-Men’s big gun.

Afterwards, A MULTIVERSE OF LOGANS BANDS TOGETHER! He’s the best there is at what he does, in every universe he does it in…and this job is too big for just one of him. Wolverines from across the Multiverse converge to take on a foe even the Phoenix fears! But with friends like Old Man Logan, Age of Apocalypse Wolverine, Zombie Wolverine, Earth X Wolverine, and newcomer Jane Howlett of Earth-1281, who needs enemies?

“Getting a chance to continue to explore the Marvel Multiverse in the pages of WEAPON X-MEN with the amazing Yildiray Çinar is the perfect Christmas gift!” Gage shared. A team of nothing but Wolverines…one of whom, Jane Howlett, has never been seen before? Against a threat from the pages of Original X-Men? With Yildiray Çinar, whose character acting is as brilliant as his action scenes and who has a George Perez-level of skill with crowds? Moving from one alternate Earth to another? Sign me up! We are packing a TON of action, story, character moments, pathos, and sometimes literally earth-shattering moments into these four issues, so don’t miss it!”

Look for Weapon X-Men #1 (of 4) to arrive in stores and digitally on Wednesday, March 6th, 2024.