Just before Green Lantern was released in 2011, it was seen as the WB/DC answer to Iron Man: a high-powered superhero, starring a likable and funny lead, that could launch an entire cinematic universe.

Then the movie came out, and it was so poorly received, that it seems like the studio has been reacting to it ever since with the dour duo of Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and then came the inept attempt at course correction with Suicide Squad.

Perhaps with Geoff Johns and Jon Berg now overseeing the upcoming films over the next few years, we have a brighter road ahead, Wonder Woman (with a script co-written by Johns) will be largely telling. But that hasn’t stopped the studio from getting their plans into place for future features, and one of those will be a return to the very property that set them on the course they’re now steering away from as David Goyer and Justin Rhodes will be teaming up to pen the script for Green Lantern Corps. The story was initially conceived by Goyer and Johns.

Being pitched as “Lethal Weapon in space” per Deadline, this new take on the GL mythos will feature both Hal Jordan and John Stewart, and given the ongoing rumors that we may end up seeing one of these characters before a frame of this film is even shot, it’s possible we’ll hear about casting sooner than you think.

Goyer has written a number of screenplays set within the DC universe, both produced and not, while Rhodes is currently working with Guillermo Del Toro on a remake of Fantastic Voyage.

Green Lantern Corps is expected to be released in 2020.


  1. Please don’t pick an African-American to provide Kilowog’s voice this time around; please don’t be that stupid twice; pretty please with sugar on top…

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