“The Book Job,” the sixth episode of the 23rd season of The Simpsons, co-stars Neil Gaiman. Not in a cameo, but as the main storyline.



The episode in question is up on Hulu now, so if you missed it on broadcast, here’s your chance!


Gaiman talked about performing his own voice in the episode, which took on Twilight, etc.

“The thing that took me by surprise was they had been asking me for a while to do a cameo on the show and I said yes, when the right script came along,” he said. “But truthfully, what I expected was the normal kind of Simpsons celebrity cameo. You know, Homer says, ‘Not even Neil Gaiman could come up with something as weird as this!’ and then it would cut to me stroking my chin going, ‘You’re right, I couldn’t!’ and the scene would continue.”

The circle is complete.


  1. I can’t believe they passed up a chance for Homer to making a disparaging remark about someone who wears the same outfit all the time.

    Although those scenes of Lisa procrastinating
    almost make me want to quit watching Hulu and get back to that script I’ve got minimized.