WATCH: Netflix DRAGON PRINCE showrunners on importance of diversity


Last month at WonderCon, The Beat had a chance to talk to Aaron Ehasz (Avatar: the Last Airbender) and Justin Richmond (Uncharted 3), the co-creators and showrunners of Netflix’s popular The Dragon Prince, a computer-animated fantasy show recently renewed for its third season.

The Dragon Prince honchos talked about the broad range of influences that inform the show (from Greek mythology to video games). They also shared their approach to world building, making the fantastic believable, and the importance of a diverse cast. It’s really cool to hear the patient approach they’ve taken, be it with mapping their world or telling a story that reflects people of all backgrounds. The showrunners take a measured approach. Although, watch them light up here when the conversation turns to Season 3 and the show’s future.

“We have a saga in mind,” Ehasz said. “I think the world of Xadia has infinite possibilities in terms of these characters.”

I’ll stop describing the video now and let you all actually watch it. Enjoy!