I haven’t had a moment to write up the keynote speech that Diamond founder Steve Geppi delivered to the 2018 Diamond Retailer Summit yet. But now I don’t have to because you can watch it right here!

Geppi spoke extemporaneously formerly an hour on the topic of “The Past, Present and Future of the Comics Industry.” Much of the speech covered his own story, from mailman to owner of the most powerful distributor in the current comics industry. It also functioned as a pep talk for retailers, pointing out that comics have always had ups and downs, and the current problems are just the latest version of a tale as old as time.

Like almost everyone I spoke with, Geppi also believes the best is yet to come. We live in the world that old time nerds could only dream of, with comics respected and just about everywhere. That’s a message I heard over and over at both C2E2 and MoCCA. Or as Mark Millar put it, “Apart from Trump, this is the world I always dreamed of.”